LA Story

Monday began the first day of what would turn into a 5 day socal skate marathon. We began the day by pick up Glen N. Glendale and heading for the new Glendale skatepark. Without doubt one of the best in the country. With a Kidney pool, a clover with a 3/4 section, and a snake run with a 3/4 pocket, the park was fast, clean and manly. We skated a warm up session, but then we decided to move on due to the outrageous amount of dust coming from the parking lot that was being cleaned next door. Next stop was the Duarte skatepark. This park was a little smaller with only one bowl over 5', but had some fun lines, and is right on the Interstate. After another quickie session we were on the road to more concrete. They have trailer parks in socal, and although not as nice as the ones here in Tennessee, they do have empty pools near by. We parked hopped the fence and behold, the hemlock pool. Although it is a square pool, you can work it back and forth, and there is a light, loveseat and stairs to keep thing interesting. A the day got hotter, we headed west toward the desert. This lead us to the Park of Fontana. This is a cool park with a good flow bowl area, and a nice big size clover for the real men. By this time the temp had risen to almost intolerable levels (It would later set a record as the hottest day ever recorded in April in LA - 104 degrees), so our session was slow and mellow. After buckets of sweat, we headed deeper into the Mojave desert, stopping to observe the Pee Wee Herman Dinosaurs, finally bringing us to the small but skateable park at the small, hot, dry, barren, town of Desert Hot Springs. The park had a little flow area and a nice little bowl about 5' deep. The best part of the park were the chicks. They were making out with each other and pouring cold water over their selves to escape the heat and impress us old skaters. A true desert vision. By this time the temp had turned to ridiculous (110) and we decided it was time to bail. This lead us to our bed down for the evening in Joshua Tree National Monument. The night was cool, and so was the beer, and the stars were out in their full glory. Glen showed us his true affection for trees in the dark of the desert that night. He's quite a Tree Hugger.

James, Tail slide
James, Tail slide in 3/4 pool
jcab, grind
jcab, 3/4 pocket grind
Hemlock Pool
Glenn, over the light
Glenn, Love seat grind
Glenn, Air
Glenn, roll in
Glenn steps up
Desert Hot Springs
Glenn, Crail
Glenn, Grind to Tail
Joshua Tree
Radam, grind

After a cold night in the high desert we awoke early and headed toward the park in Plam Springs. When we got there at 9 in the morning the temp was already hitting the 101 mark. Unfortunately, the park didn't open until 12. What's up with these people? By noon the cement would be hot enough to melt your wheels. A nice hippy lady let us in to walk around and look at the park, and I took some picts and vid. We then hit the road back to LA, with the AC cranked to the max. This lead us next to the Chino skatepark. This is another killer park. A nice street area leading into a cool 5'-6' snake Run/Flow area. There is also a nice clover bowl and a killer clover pool with tile and pool coping. Some dude named Louie was ripping some heavy carve grinds in there. After a good 2 hour sweat session we head onward. Next on the list was Whitter Skatepark. This is a really small park stuck in the corner of a public park. It has a nice little 5' bowl and some really tightly packed street stuff. It would be a good park if you lived around the corner, but there is better stuff. After a short sess, we headed back to Hollywood for another night of food and fun.

Stay tuned for part 3 ......

Glenn, Air
Glenn. hipper
glenn getting hip

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